Anne Klibanski, MD

  • Chief Academic Officer, Partners HealthCare
  • Laurie Carrol Guthart Professor of Medicine, Academic Dean for Partners, Harvard Medical School

Anne Klibanski, M.D., is the Chief Academic Officer at Partners HealthCare and the Laurie Carrol Guthart Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. In her role as Partners Chief Academic Officer, she oversees Partners-wide academic programs in research and education including Partners Innovation, Partners Personalized Medicine, Research Computing, Partners IRB, Graduate Medical Education, Continuing Medical Education and the Partners Committee on Outside Activities. She serves as Academic Dean for Partners Healthcare at Harvard Medical School. At Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Klibanski is Chief of the Neuroendocrine Unit and a leader in the field of neuroendocrine disorders and pituitary tumors. The author of over 350 papers and chapters, she has received numerous awards including the Endocrine Society Clinical Investigator Award and the Clinical Endocrinology Trust Medal from the British Endocrine Society and has served as a member of the NIH DDK Board of Counselors. She is the first recipient of the 2015 Endocrine Society Laureate Outstanding Mentor Award.

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