Michael Krams, MD

  • Global Head of Quantitative Sciences, Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Mike Krams, MD is the Global Head of Quantitative Sciences (QS) at Janssen Pharmaceuticals. His focus is on bringing innovative approaches to clinical drug development to facilitate better and earlier decision making. Mike is recognized as an expert in designing, implementing and executing adaptive designs, enabling real-time learning in Learn and Confirm studies. He has built an industry leading cross-functional team of drug developers, applying Modeling and Simulation techniques and integrating input from clinical, translational medicine, biostatistics, discovery and commercial. The emphasis is on applying innovative designs across therapeutic areas, including small molecules, vaccines and biologics. Mike joined Janssen R&D as the Neurology Franchise Head in 2010, overseeing the design and execution of clinical development strategies across a wide spectrum of opportunities in neurology. He has been deeply involved in Janssen Alzheimer Immunotherapy and made significant contributions to cross-functional change initiatives, including the application of quantitative approaches to development processes.

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