Nadeem Sarwar, MD, PhD

  • President, AiM Institute, Eisai

Nadeem’s expertise stems from the intersection of innovation in human genetics and collaborative business models to accelerate delivery of novel, targeted therapeutics. He is the founder and president of the Eisai AiM Institute, an industry unique discovery innovation unit with an exclusive mission to realize human genetic driven drug discovery.

Nadeem’s research has been published in leading medical journals (eg, NEJM, Lancet, JAMA), presented at international meetings (eg, American Diabetes Association, Prix Galien Foundation, Hitachi Innovation), and profiled by international media (eg, BBC, Bloomberg, Forbes). He has been invited to provide expert insights on human genetics and drug discovery for The World Dementia Envoy, Genomics England, The UK Minster for Life Sciences and Scottish Enterprise.

Nadeem has served as Chair of: The US National Academies Workshop on “Drug Discovery From Genetic Bioresources”; The World CNS Summit; The Drug Discovery Stream of the Festival of Genomics; and The External Advisory Board of the NIA Longevity Genomics Study. In addition, he serves as industry lead for the ADNI Genetics Core; sits on the US Institute of Medicine Roundtable on Genomics & Precision Health; serves on the Genetics Scientific Advisory Group of the European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium; and facilitates the Industry Partnership for Human Genetics.

Current role: The AiM (Andover innovative Medicines) Institute’s is a 90 scientist discovery innovation unit at a dedicated 220,000 sqft research facility in the Greater Boston Biotech hub with an exclusive mission to realize human genetic driven drug discovery. Our predominant focus on delivering precision medicines for the subset of patients with immune-driven pathology in dementia (immunodementia) and oncology (immunooncology), with current assets in early stage clinical trials, late stage pre-IND and early stage preclinical discovery. To realize the vision of human genetic driven drug discovery, AiM has established a number of entrepreneurial collaborations and scientific partnerships (including cross-sector, open innovation and pre-competitive).

Previous roles: Nadeem was previously vice president and global head of Genetics & Human Biology at Eisai. Before joining Eisai, Nadeem served as senior director, head of Population Research and head of Cardiometabolic Genetics at Pfizer Inc. Prior to working in the pharmaceutical industry, Nadeem was tenured faculty at the School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge.

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